How to Create a Transcript for your Unschooler in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a transcript for a teen that has used the unschooling approach to education can seem a bit overwhelming. Here is how you can create a transcript for your teen in 4 easy steps.

Check your States Requirements.
The first¬†thing any teen or parent should do when homeschooling in high school, is to check the graduation requirements for the state they live in. This should be done a year before a teen enters into their freshman year to ensure that they have completed the required credits, don’t panic however if your teen is well into their high school education and you haven’t even thought to look at state requirements. Look now and educate yourself on what is required so you don’t miss something and find out their senior year.

Don’t let state requirements scare you or intimidate you, there are plenty of ways to achieve the credit requirements for your state through unschooling. For instance, a literature credit might consist of audiobooks,  movies, plays, theatre attendance, family discussions, and local workshops, etc… There are several ways to get creative in placing activities into the required credits. If you are looking for ways to track your child’s activities to ensure they meet the state requirements, check out the USHS tracking membership.

Track Credits.
Typical credits are based on the Carnegie Unit, which is 120 hours of learning, research, and engagement on the topic. If your teen pursues a topic for 120 hours you will issue them 1 credit, 60 hours and they will receive half credit, 30 hours and they receive a quarter credit.

Decide what to include on your teen’s transcript.
When deciding on what your teen’s transcript will have, you will need to discuss post-graduation plans with your teen. Do they plan on going to college? Which college do they want to attend? You’ll want to find out what the college looks for on a transcript. Knowing this can help you decide what to use and how to layout your teen’s transcript.
A typical transcript will include, the name of the course, a short description, the academic year that the credit was earned and the number of credits earned.
Transcripts can be easily created through your USHS Membership, we have created a system that autogenerates your teen’s transcript based on the classes, activities, and experiences your teen imputes on their teen dashboard.

Track hours, activities and experiences.
Some families tally time spent on topics in a notebook or spreadsheet, this can be an effective way to keep track however it can be very time-consuming and oftentimes disorganized, staying organized is key. As unschoolers we are often involved in several different activities for any specific subject it can be a lot of information to keep track of.
USHS members have access to online tracking software that keeps track of hours, activities and gives your teen a quick glance “completion” percentage so that they know how far they have to go before they complete their credits.

Become a USHS Member Today and take the hassle out of tracking and transcripts. has taken the chore out of tally hours, tracking credits, keeping a portfolio and building a transcript. Our software was designed specifically for teens that use an unconventional and unschooling approach to learning.

Corrina Spelts

Mother of 2, lover of technology and experienced homeschooler. I have a love for graphic design, business, and blogging. Our family uses an unschooling approach to education with the firm belief that if you cultivate an environment that is geared towards passion and interests then you can't help but ignite a love for learning.

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