Educational Streaming: 100 Must See Educational Shows on Netflix

Learning doesn’t have to be books, worksheets, and busy work. Learning can be streaming educational videos. Netflix has a large selection of educational shows that are an amazing addition to any homeschooling style. We have compiled 100 must see educational shows on Netflix


  1. The Vietnam War
  2. The Pyramid Code
  3. World War II in Color
  4. Lincoln
  5. The Civil War
  6. Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution
  7. Roman Empire
  8. Nazi: Mega Weapons
  9. Untold Histories of the United States
  10. Vikings Unearthed
  11. Nazi Megastructures
  12. Hiroshima
  13. 5 Came Back


  1. Planet Earth
  2. Planet Earth II
  3. Blue Planet
  4. Blue Planet II
  5. Earth’s Natural Wonders
  6. Frozen Planet
  7. Nature’s Greatest Events
  8. Tornado Hunters


  1. Edge of the Universe
  2. The Farthest Voyager in Space
  3. The Beyond
  4. Horizon: Secrets of the Solar System


  1. Raising the Dinosaur Giant
  2. Dinosaur Hunt


  1. Africa
  2. The Hunt
  3. Life
  4. Animals with Cameras
  5. 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia
  6. 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America
  7. Growing Up Wild
  8. If I were an Animal
  9. Born in China
  10. Shark
  11. Wild Alaska
  12. Life Story
  13. Animal House
  14. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
  15. Race of Life
  16. Zoo
  17. Wild China
  18. A Night on Earth: Africa
  19. Monkey Planet
  20. The Snow Wolf Family and Me
  21. Battle Fish
  22. Animal Airport
  23. Blackfish
  24. The Great Rift
  25. Africa’s Deadliest
  26. Animal Fight Night
  27. A Dog’s Life


  1. JFK: The Making of a President
  2. Lincoln
  3. Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President
  4. The Wheelchair President


  1. Chef’s Table
  2. In Defense of Food
  3. Food: Delicious Science
  4. Food on the Go
  5. What the Health
  6. Rotten
  7. The Big Family Cooking Showdown
  8. Cooked
  9. Forks over Knives
  10. Minimalism
  11. Functional Fitness
  12. 9 Months that Made You

Misc. Documentaries

  1. Dirty Money
  2. Conspiracies
  3. 9/11: Truth, Lies and Conspiracies
  4. Take Your Pills
  5. The Truth About Alcohol
  6. Weird Wonders of the World
  7. Civilizations
  8. The Evolution of Us
  9. Nature’s Weirdest Events
  10. Empire Games
  11. The Keepers
  12. The Last Secrets of 9/11
  13. Struggle: The lost art of Szukalski
  14. The Magic Pill
  15. Genius of the Modern World
  16. Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru
  17. 7 Days Out: World’s Biggest Events
  18. Ask the Doctor
  19. Tidying Up
  20. Founder
  21. Walt: The Man Behind the Myth
  22. Michael Jackson: This Is It
  23. Raiders of the Lost Art
  24. The Pixar Story
  25. The Royal House of Windsor
  26. Mountain
  27. The Truth Behind UFOS
  28. The Secret’s of Noah’s Ark
  29. Grand Designs
  30. Cowspiracy

Netflix can be an amazing resource when it comes to education. I hope that this list gives you a jumpstart to help you create a learning experience that works for your child or teen. You can track your child’s learning experiences for free at

Corrina Spelts

Mother of 2, lover of technology and experienced homeschooler. I have a love for graphic design, business, and blogging. Our family uses an unschooling approach to education with the firm belief that if you cultivate an environment that is geared towards passion and interests then you can't help but ignite a love for learning.

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