Unschooling: 10 Free Online Resources for Unschoolers.

Unschooling has been the most rewarding part of our homeschool journey. For those that do not know what unschooling is, it is a method that focuses on learner-chosen activities as a means for learning. Unschooling families learn through a variety of ways through experiences such as play, life responsibilities, personal interest, curiosity, internships, family, mentors and community involvement.

Our family has been homeschooling for 10 years and we have followed the unschooling approach from 5 years now. We typically start our day researching what we want to learn and them learning it through various avenues. There are several online resources that we use as a family and I would like to share some of those with you. So here are our family’s top 10 favorite free online resources. (We homeschool a 10-year-old and a 16-yea-old so this list is for a range of ages.)

  1. Khan Academy – this is by far one of our favorite sites. It offers an array of topics and has a great platform that allows parents to set up their child’s learning and has a parent dashboard so that you can check in our child’s progress while allowing them a sense of freedom to learn. This site works great for all grade levels.
  2. Udemy – Udemy has been great for so many things. This site offers content on an array of subject matter and has over 80,000 courses to choose from. Be cautioned that this site does offer both free and paid courses.
  3. edX– this has been an amazing resource for our high schooler. This site offers a large range of courses from schools all over the country and the platform is very user-friendly.
  4. ITunesU – ITunesU is a great resource that integrates well with the iPhone and iPad and has a user-friendly convenient platform. It allows you to easily search content and offers, videos and podcasts as well. This site offers both paid and free content.
  5. Codecademy – This site is great for kids that are interested in learning how to code. It is easy to follow and has a wealth of information. Codecademy is a well-written program and our daughter was using it in the 3rd grade pretty regularly.
  6. Ted-Ed – This site is amazing for so many reasons. There is a large variety of educational content that can be found on this site and most videos are short and over in under 10 minutes.
  7. FunBrain – This is a great site for kids that like to learn online through games and puzzles. It is very educational and will entertain them while they learn.
  8. WhyVille – This is a site that our preteen enjoys. It is an interactive site that focuses on educational material and is more geared towards kids that are preteen age.
  9. Roblox – Our family loves Roblox. This is a multiplayer interactive game that has taught my kids how to spell better, interact, design, problem solve and learn how to earn money (within the game) to get the things they want.
  10. Unschool Inc. –  Last but not least we need an organized way to track what we are learning and that is where Unschool Inc. comes in. Unschool Inc. offers two tracking sites for homeschoolers. UnschoolPortfolio.com is geared towards K-8 grade kids and is more parent-driven and Unschoolhighschool.com is geared towards kids levels 9-12 and has a more student-driven approach. Both sites offer parent dashboards to help track student’s progress, set goals, track attendance, generate transcripts and official documents as well as the option to keep an online portfolio.

Unschooling has been a great approach to learning. We have learned more about our kids and feel that since making the leap to unschooling our children have grown to love learning more and it has allowed us to become more connected with our kids and their interests. There is a wealth of free resources both online and offline for families to use, I hope that you are able to utilize some of the resources here.
For more information on Unschooling for both younger and older kids check out our websites unschoolportfolio.com and unschoolhighschool.com.

Corrina Spelts

Mother of 2, lover of technology and experienced homeschooler. I have a love for graphic design, business, and blogging. Our family uses an unschooling approach to education with the firm belief that if you cultivate an environment that is geared towards passion and interests then you can't help but ignite a love for learning.

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